Friday, October 4, 2013

hybrid skins combines fashion with nanotechnology + cloning

<lizardp>hybrid skins combines fashion with nanotechnology and cloning
'make your maker ' video still by lucy mcrae
all images courtesy of tetem art space

combining fashion with advances in nanotechnology, genetic manipulation and cloning, the exhibition 'hybrid skins' displays futuristic visions of a new world. the creepy, animalistic pieces envision a time where the body and nature are able to be copied and personalized. predicting new ethical and aesthetic possibilities through these unusual extensions to the human form, the show raises moral questions: is your body and genetic code your property that you may copy, remix and destroy? is the use of biological material from a lab innocent, because no human or animal has died, or does it have its own memory and life? and can we change the nature to the whims of fashion?

'hybrid skins' is located at tetem art space in the netherlands and features works by anouk wipprecht and daniel schatzmayr, local androids, jalila essaïdi, lucy mcrae, nancy tilbury (studio xo), bart hess, harm rensink, clive van heerden, jack mama, peter gal, philips, anna dumitriu, marieka ratsma and the verge. the free exhibition runs from 10 october - 24 november 2013, with a performance by local androids on thursday, 10 october at 7 pm.

'like living organisms'
video courtesy of local androids

'like living organisms' by local androids

detail view of the 'like living organisms' piece by local androids

'robotic spider dress, creepy couture'
video courtesy of anouk wipprecht

'spider dress' by anouk wipprecht + daniel schatzmayr

'biomimicry shoe' by marieka ratsma

'skin sucka' nancy tilbury (studio XO), bart hess, harm rensink, clive van heerden, jack mama and peter gal

'skin sucka' detail view

'2.6g 329m/s' bulletproof skin by jalila essaïdi

see the article 'bulletproof skin made from spider silk proteins and human skin cells' previously covered by designboom here.

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