Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Unique Holiday Displays at Capitol

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Inside the Florida Capitol - a number of holiday themed displays are out for the public to see. But, not all of the displays made the cut.

Members of the Garner family traveled from Montana and Tennessee to take their photo in front of the Festivus display inside the Florida State Capitol. They'll use it for next year's Holiday card.

Britt Garner, holiday tourist: "It's awesome. This one will go down on the family fridge for a while."

Lisa Garner, holiday tourist: "Its just honestly interesting politically and just good family fun."

Just five feet away is another first... a unique display representing the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Hannah Ham, "It's funny how they have Ragu."

Not from the Flying Spaghetti Monster are displays from The Freedom From Religion and Atheists groups.

"I think its great Florida has this diversity represented at Christmas time."

All together eight holiday displays were allowed. One was not. This is a picture of the exhibit presented by the Satanic Temple to the state.

The Department of Management Services said the display is "grossly offensive".

It started off with the Christmas Nativity, a religious display. Going from the Nativity Scene to other displays of non-religion, groups are making sure there's something here for everyone."

Karen Garner, Holiday Tourist, "I think it's a great opportunity to bring all walks of life to do some fun things, it's a really good example of pop culture."

Although most were in support of the unique displays, not everyone was. Some believe the only acceptable display is the Nativity Scene.
But another tourist, Maynard Bellbusch was turned off by one display. "That I can accept, but this I cannot even though they're mocking."

So regardless what you're celebrating this holiday season - the capitol has a little bit of everything for everyone.

The Nativity Scene that sparked the unique displays will be replaced later this week for Three Kings Day.